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[Dino Adventure]

The notorious Boogieman evaded Dino's village and kidnapped all of his friends!!

"If you wish to rescue your beloved friends, bring me the rubies from the secret cave which can only be opened with the seven keys."

Dino chased down the Boogieman and pleaded with him to release his friends. Instead of being granted their freedom, Dino was given an impossible mission. Only once the mission is completed will the Boogieman keep to his promise to release the hostages, one by one.

Help Dino to rescue all of his friends!


-Unpredictable Fun: 8 fun and exciting games are waiting for you! But random chance will have you guessing which game appears first.

- Easily Deceptive: Tap and swipe through each game. Sounds easy? See for yourself.

- Controlling Chaos: 4 games will be played, split screen, all at the same time. Focus hard to survive.

- Ruby Rescue: Gather rubies while you are playing to rescue the poor captive dinosaurs.

- The Cave of Secrets : You will need to collect 7 keys to open the secret cave that leads you to a special game. What is in the cave, you ask? Here's a hint, it starts with the letter 'r'

- Dino's Wingmen: Rescue Dino's friends to enjoy gameplay with new characters. Hey, heroes need some rest, too!


Cave One: Balance Dino on a teetering platform above a dreadful lava pool

Cave Two: Tap Dino to jump over approaching obstacles

Cave Three: Avoid sharp objects dropping from the ceiling

Fourth Cave : Long tap Dino to float over sharp objects in the sea

Fifth Cave : Keep on jumping to avoid falling into the water

Sixth Cave : Move Dino to a safe place before the ceiling crashes down

Seventh Cave : Swing like Tarzan and cling onto the vines to avoid falling

Eight Cave : The secret game! Tap the enormous ruby to find out


- Single player mode: The classic way to enjoy Dino Adventure

- Hard mode: This mode is for users who want a greater challenge

- 1 on 1 multi-player mode : Play with your friends!

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